Butterfly Cabana


project year

Palm Springs


home remodel

project type

Interior Designer


The Butterfly Cabana - a Stunning TRansformation

Transforming a shipping container into a show-stopping backyard cabana

This project was as unique as they come. The Premier Construction team was tasked with transforming a shipping container into a striking backyard accessory dwelling unit – complete with an outdoor shower! This already stunning backyard space was adorned with a fire feature and landscaping to make a recreational space for parties, guests, and the homeowners themselves to enjoy.

The Butterfly Cabana is a project that we will not forget! This was one of those projects that provide an environment for creativity and collaboration which makes what we do that much more rewarding. We were pleased to provide a final product our clients will enjoy for years to come.


A creative, modern masterpiece. This backyard space is unlike any other.