commercial remodeling

Elevate your commercial space with a Premier Construction custom renovation.


Commercial Renovations Done with Ease

Your business, and the commercial space in which you do business, is a representation of yourself. At Premier Construction, we see Commercial renovations as being just as personal as a Residential project. It may not be where you live but it IS what you live and breath.

The quality of your business location will set the tone regarding your brand. Whether it is a doctor’s office, restaurant, real estate office, or beyond, when a customer walks through your door after your Premier commercial renovation, they will know that you are providing an elevated experience.

Commercial Build-Out

Starting fresh. You've spent years building your business from the ground up - now it's time to let us do the same for your commercial space.

Project Management

Commercial construction management ensures the planning, execution, and coordination of a building project from start to finish. Premier takes full responsibility for cost and time management, communication, quality administration, and safety administration.

Commercial Remodel

It's time to make your space your own. Whether it is a full or partial renovation - having a trusted builder to get the job done with accuracy and efficiency is key when you're running a business.

Preferred Partners

Premier Construction works with top-notch sub-contractors, architects, designers, and more. After over 25 years in the business - we have developed strong relationships with the best in the Coachella Valley.

The Permitting Process

You're already an industry your industry. Let us deal with zoning, local standards, submittals, inspections, and more.

Curb Appeal

In this social, visual day and age – being the best at what you do or providing the best service isn’t always enough. The outward appearance of your property can make or break your success. It is important for your commercial space or properties to stand out among the rest.

Let's get

Do you have a commercial renovation project in mind? Get in touch with the Premier team to see if we are the right fit for you.