Our remodeling Process

Plan every step of your home Remodeling journey

Getting Started

Good preparation and communication between you, your architect, and your builder is key to a smooth and successful remodel. Have an solid idea of what you’re looking for and your budget as you reach out and communicate your needs. 

First Steps

Over the last 25 years, we’ve refined and perfected our home remodeling process to help reduce the stress of your project. We aim for an efficient and enjoyable experience. It all starts with a consultation to discover who you are and exactly what your goals are.

Next Steps

After we’ve developed a good understanding of the your lifestyle, preferences, and desires, we’ll guide you into the planning phase. It starts with a deep dive into what you want to spend, the results you’re looking for, and how we can get you there.


Residential + Commercial

Discover Our Process

During this initial phase, we’ll get acquainted and see if we are a fit for each other. We’ll do a deep dive into your vision and make sure that we understand you and exactly what you’re going for. We’ll talk about your budget, the schedule, what to expect from us. We’ll be unfailingly honest — telling you what will be fun and what won’t. And we’ll leave you with a complete guidance kit full of useful information to help you understand not only who we are, but also how projects like yours can be most successful.

Prior to entering into a Construction Agreement, we will go through pre-construction processes. There are fees associated with these processes separate from the construction contract. We handle pre-construction processes with what is called a Professional Services Agreement, or PSA. Your PSA will include costs for a detailed proposal and project timeline that ensures you a well crafted and quality project at a guaranteed price within the agreed guidelines. The PSA will usually cover design services as well. The PSA does not obligate you to enter into a Construction Agreement with us. You own the results of the design work covered by the PSA. 

With the results of your PSA in hand, we will meet with you to talk through the project. We will take all the time you desire until you are completely comfortable and confident that we understand your vision and goals. We’ll go over the scope of work, project plan, progress payments, timelines, logistics, and any concerns you may have. You’ll be meeting with your builder personally to discuss how communication and updates will be handled all the way from inception to completion of your project.

After we have all the information and direction we need, you’ll review and sign off on the specifications and production plan. We will provide an agreement for our mutual signatures. We will discuss every detail of our straightforward agreement and make sure you have the information that you need.

With a construction agreement complete, we will get to work. During the building phase, we handle all the details of ordering materials, scheduling, oversight, and coordination. At the same time, we’ll keep you in the loop. You’ll remain up-to-date on our progress as well as any possible issues that may arise.

As we wrap up construction, we will meticulously inspect our work to ensure that the craftsmanship of your home is up to our standards. We will schedule a final review with you to answer any operational questions regarding appliances, heating and cooling systems, and any other concerns you may have. We will do a final clean up to the highest standards possible throughout your home. Finally, we will leave you with our contact information and stay in touch in case any issues arise. We’ll be happy to help.

It is our highest priority to ensure that you truly enjoy your transformed home. We want nothing more than to see uncompromised quality that will carry your family through generations in your home. Thank you for our new friendship and letting us be a part of your dreams. 

Helpful tips & resources

stay informed
& connected.

The best way to successfully get through a stressful remodeling project is simple. Do your homework, get involved with your contractor and, finally, stay connected! Make sure your builder supplies you with a means of constant communication and updates.

Planning: Know your needs Do your homework.

Start with a list of preferences for such items as lighting, flooring, and appliances–and include brand names. This will keep you and your general contractor on the same page about the costs and quality of the work. The more details you can provide the better. Put your ideas on paper—make sketches and draw up floor plans to discuss with your contractor.

Budget: Control spending

Don’t just nail down products you want your contractor to use but also call around for estimates for how much they cost to install. Factor these in along with miscellaneous expenses such as dining out or booking a hotel room when and if construction makes the space temporarily unlivable. This leads to a realistic budget. A good rule of thumb is to set aside 10-15 percent more than you figure your renovation will cost.

Hire: Ask the right questions

Important questions to ask the contractor include:
What warranty do you offer, and what does it cover?
May I see a copy of your business license?
Are you going to acquire the correct permits for the job or will I?

Homeowner tips & resources.

Because the remodeling process can be very stressful and uncertain at times if not handled properly, we’ve prepared some resources that we hope will assist you in your journey and make it the best it possibly can be! Click here for helpful info »