kitchen remodeling

Kitchen remodeling

Imagining that beautiful, modern, open and functional kitchen that is literally designed and custom built just for you and how you live... it glows with all aspects of your personality and desires allowing you to move throughout it with comfort and pleasure... Premier can help you create the kitchen of your dreams.


A newly remodeled kitchen can be your own personalized masterpiece.

The experience of crafting your home spaces – a custom kitchen that masterfully allows you to live your life in your own unique and personalized space—brings a satisfaction and contentment of the highest magnitude.
For over two decades, Premier Construction has earned a reputation for excellence in creating some of the most prestigious and exquisite homes in the Coachella Valley – the kitchen is respectively the hub of a families’ unity, where the you gather, cook and entertain while creating some of the best memories. Each custom kitchen we renovate is truly your own work of art as we take your vision and desires and turn them into your perfectly molded custom space.
Kitchen Expansion

Kitchens are the heart of every home. They are where we gather over masterpieces we create together - from a box or from scratch. Whether your style is modern or classic we can create the functional kitchen of your dreams.

New appliances & Cabinetry

Appliances and cabinetry do a lot of the heavy lifting - both literally and figuratively. While they are essentials to every kitchen they can also be standout, showstopper pieces that bring your space together.

Functional reorganization

When a kitchen doesn't flow or function well it's obvious. One of our specialties is creating organization out of chaos. Every chef, novice or professional, is different and we are here to create your perfect kitchen.

Let's get

Are you ready to create the kitchen of your dreams?