Tips for Your Green Remodel

For many people, a simple home remodel isn’t enough. They want an eco-friendly, green remodel. There are a lot of reasons why a green remodeling plan can be a great fit for you and your home. It can cut back on energy costs, protect the environment, and make future remodeling projects easier and less expensive. True greenery may be hard to come by in the Palm Springs area, but a green remodel still has ample benefits. Here at Premier Construction, we create elegant and exceptional homes for our clients. Let us share our tips for a green remodel with you. 


It Starts With the Sun

Rain and cold are rare in the desert – we won’t dwell on past floods – but it can still be chilly here, especially in the winter. Ample natural lighting can go a long way towards keeping your home warm during the colder months. New double-pane windows and skylights can make a dramatic difference. As a side bonus, more windows will give you even better views of the jaw-dropping San Jacinto mountain. Natural lighting during the day can also allow you to keep your lights off, which can keep your electric bill down. 


However, too much heat in the summer isn’t a good thing. When it’s 120 degrees outside, you want to keep your home nice and cool. For this reason, we recommend beautiful curtains or other window coverings to keep the sun out. Double-pane windows are again a good idea, only this time because they’ll keep the cold air from your AC from leaking out. Changes to your layout can also be beneficial. An open floor plan can help keep your home warm when it’s cool, and cool when it’s warm. An open floor plan lets air move throughout your home, instead of being halted by closed doors, blocking walls, and awkward angles. And these updates have the much-appreciated effect of cutting down your bills and reducing your environmental footprint too.


Update the Essentials 

Aging appliances can be a significant source of energy drain. Your dishwasher from 2005 might still work well, but it likely uses much more water and electricity than a dishwasher from 2022 or even 2018. However, the biggest energy suckers are actually small appliances – microwaves, coffee makers, rice cookers, and more. All those small appliances can really add up. Replacing your refrigerator with a more sustainable model can also help keep your energy bills lower. More efficient appliances can make a significant positive impact on the environment as well. If you’re interested in a green remodel, this is an easy place to start.


In addition to more energy-efficient appliances, fixing up your home’s key systems can make a big difference for the environment too. A key green remodeling tip? Update your HVAC system and your water heater. Replacing these systems can take a while, but the reduction in your carbon footprint is worth it. If you’re less concerned with your carbon emissions and more worried about your pocketbook, have no fear. A new and efficient water heater or HVAC system can reduce your bills too. 


Green Landscaping

Given our state’s frequent struggles with drought, we have to mention that “green” shouldn’t be taken too literally here! While most desert homes don’t have lush lawns already, if you’re still clinging to grass, it’s time to make a change. Following your neighbors’ leads and replacing your grass with turf, woodchips, or natural landscaping with native plants is a bright idea. It’s both environmentally friendly and can drastically reduce your bills. If you’re not ready to completely overhaul your outdoor spaces, there are smaller fixes you can make too. Removing or trimming trees that block windows can help warm cooler rooms, while strategically planting other trees can offer shade and cool spaces that are too warm. It all depends on what you need to feel comfortable in your home. 


And, while we’re talking about the outside of your home, we’d be remiss not to mention adding solar panels to your home. Considering just how much sun Palm Springs gets each year, a solar system can make drastic changes in both your environmental footprint and your electric bills. While California no longer offers tax incentives for solar panels, there are still federal incentives to take advantage of. Whether you’re concerned about your wallet or the planet – or both – solar panels are an essential part of any green home remodel. 


No matter which steps you take towards making your home a little greener, don’t hesitate to contact our skilled team of professionals at Premier Construction. We can give you an exceptional home remodel that transforms your home into the space you’ve always wanted it to be. 

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